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March 10, 2023 ยท


It’s been a busy week in the world of Flovatar. Luckily for all of you, it’s Friday and that means I am here to bring you up to speed on what you missed and what’s ahead. Before we get to that though, you might have noticed that FUD News has gotten an upgrade! Woohoo! It’s been a long time coming but the website is getting a needed face lift. This upgrade will allow us to post new type of content and most importantly, should provide you with a higher quality and much easier to read version of your favorite Flovatar news source. Enough gloating, let’s get to the latest info.

Where to start? Dumb question. DUST! The first DAO voting was launched on Monday to test the system for any issues or bugs the community might discover. Flovatar Owners can head into the DAO voting channel in Discord to place their vote on the test topic. The practice vote deals with pineapple on pizza. More on this topic later from a special guest this week. The test vote ends on Monday, March 13 so make sure you take a minute to try out the platform.

Speaking of March 13, that day will mark another milestone towards the Dust token release. As the test vote ends, a new vote will launch. Flovatar owners control the future of Dust and an important part of that is the pricing. All of the amazing utilities like naming, adding a story, flobit upgrading, and Psyche Likee traits are going to cost Dust. It will be up to the owners to determine that and cast their votes. Make sure to follow the announcements from Discord and Flovatar’s social media accounts on more information as that vote gets set to kick off.

Earlier this week, the team from Flovatar were busy hosting events. On Tuesday, the team hosted a special Rip and Mint Night with friends from MFL in the Flovatar Discord chat. The Mint Club welcomed the MFL community for a night of minting Flovatars and opening freshly dropped MFL player packs. This was a fun time that provided several cool moments. We saw the debut of new flobits. Everyone in the audience at the time of the snapshot received a yellow card flobit. Red card flobits were given out to winners from the prize wheel when Flovatar’s team lost to the MFL.

In addition to the new flobits that were revealed, several new Flovatars were minted. A few of the team members and other well known Mint Club members took the time to show off the builder to the MFL members with a nice walk-thru tutorial. A milestone mint was also made by veteran AJGov. He minted #100 in his collection live with the audience. Can you believe it wasn’t even a troll!? Instead, he minted a symbolic, veteran, bourbon sipping, elder statesman to show his journey in Flovatar. Congrats!

The fun night ended with the 3rd wheel spin from the Minter’s Incentive Program. Another standard pack was given out on this wheel along with several flobits. Remember that this program is continuing to run until further notice. For every 20 newly minted Flovatars, a prize wheel will be spun with a chance to win a standard pack that contains a spark, 2 boosters, and a flobit. The 4th wheel is already filling up so get in on the action. The rarer your Flovatar, the more spots you will earn on the wheel. Finally, Luca started a mini AMA circuit on Thursday night. The first AMA was hosted in the Flovatar Discord chat. The recording of the event can be found in the Discord announcements so make sure to see what you missed. And no, you can’t win the giveaways while you listen to the recording. Clever and nice try, but no. The next AMA will be with Flowverse on March 15th @ 5PM EST. Mark it on your calendars so you don’t miss any new info.

Well that’s it for now. A busy week in Flovatar and most likely another busy one coming up. Hope you enjoyed the new website and look for more features to be added as the news team gets more comfortable and familiar with the platform. Stay tuned for all the latest news in the Flovaverse.


Hello Flovatar world, I’m Flordon Ramsay. I’ve been brought in to provide insights, reviews, and delicious recipes to all of you wonderful people in the community. As I was busy setting up shop and getting ready for my new segment to debut later this month, I became aware of a horrible situation going on in the community. I could not keep quiet and decided to debut early with a professional take (rant) on this tragedy.

Pineapple does not belong on pizza. There you go. That should be all I have to say but based on the voting, I see I must elaborate. First off, pineapple (and sometimes ham with it) on pizza is not a “Hawaiian pizza.” It’s not Italian either. The person credited with creating this horrible combo was a Greek dude who moved to Canada. So just like Canadian bacon isn’t bacon, Hawaiian pizza isn’t from Hawaii. Next, some like to argue that it’s a “healthy topping” for when they are watching what they eat. You’re eating a pizza. It’s not really healthy. This is the same as going to McDonald’s, ordering a Big Mac with fries, and saying you want a Diet Coke because you are watching your calories. You made a choice to eat a delicious Italian pizza pie. Just accept the fact that the diet is out the window that day.

These are just opinions though. Let’s move on to some food related debates that are more technical. Pineapple is super sweet. While sweet and savory can be a good combo, the sweetness of a pineapple is not meant to be mixed with the savory pizza. Pineapples have lots of sugars that, when heated, caramelize and accentuate the sweetness even more. This kills all the other flavors. Pineapple is a fruit and the only fruit that is ok on a pizza is a tomato. When pairing both of these acidic fruits together, you are more likely to get an upset stomach and pay for that later on. Grab those Tums. Let’s take a quick fun break to see what my IRL celebrity look-a-like has to say…

Well, that was hard to watch. I feel so bad for him. Ok, a few last things about this tragedy. Pineapples are juicy, succulent fruits. Normally this is a good thing, except when you are putting it on what is suppose to be a perfect, crisp pizza crust. It makes the crust soggy! The best part after eating a fresh piece of pizza is eating leftover pizza. Pineapples begin to dry out when sliced and stored. Then go ahead and reheat that pineapple when you want the leftovers and your left with a dried out piece of junk on what could be a delicious meal. There is still time to vote and prevent this tragedy from happening. If you are a Flovatar owner, head into the test DAO vote and do the right thing. Remember, pineapples on pizza isn’t a pizza. It’s a mistake.

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