February 23, 2024 ·

By Ron Flogundy

Another week comes to an end which means I, Ron Flogundy, am back to drop some wisdom on you all. If any of our friends from MFL are here, welcome! I am here to share some information on the newly announced collaboration between Flovatar and MFL. Considering McGee is still at some weird hippie retreat with Aaron Rodgers, I had to learn some sportsball lingo this week so prepare to be dazzled by my knowledge.

On Wednesday, Flovatar and MFL announced the first Dust Cup! This tournament will be held on the MFL platform and open to users who own a flovatar and a MFL club. I’m not talking about a club with terrible techno music, strobes, and horrendous sugary drinks. I’m talking about a football (soccer to you stubborn Americans) club with athletes. This may seem like a lot to take in but it’s fairly simple to learn the basics. Thank goodness your trusty news man Ron is here to show you how. Pretty soon you’ll be managing a more successful football team than Jerry Jones. Wrong sport, I know. Just want to keep throwing daggers at McGee since he’s been on hiatus. If you’re a MFL owner and new to Flovatar, you can skip ahead to where I highlight a few things about them and provide some useful links to get you started.


First thing you need to know is where to find a club. You have a few options for this. If you are interested in starting the club from the ground up, you can purchase a starter club pack on the MFL website. This is open to new users only. This pack will contain a club license dedicated to a city that will be revealed to you (in a very cool reveal btw). You will be tasked with naming the club and designing a logo. For those feeling a little less creative, you can purchase an already established club on the MFL marketplace. An established club is already named, designed, and in many cases, has players signed to contracts. These clubs are ready to go compete for the most part. Club licenses that have been already revealed can also be purchased on the marketplace if you are looking for a specific city. If it was me, I’d find a coach like this to manage my club.


Ok, so you have a club. Let’s call them Ron’s Bourboneers as an example. Now you need to get some players to take the field for you. If you’ve purchased an established club, you’ve probably already got players signed to your club. You don’t own those players by the way. They are on contracts signed by their agents. More on this shortly. If you’ve purchased a starter pack or club license, you can fill your roster in 2 ways.

If you want total control of the team and players, simply hit the marketplace again and grab the players you want to field a complete team. For those not in the know, a football team has 11 players on the field at a time. That can feel like kind of a lot for most so luckily for you, there’s a more cost effective way to field your team. Scouting! This allows you to pick from a big pool of free agent players owned by other agents. Simply go to the scouting page, search for the positions you want to fill, and make an offer to a player.

What are you offering? Good question! I’d be giving future Bourboneers some fine bottles from my collection. However, you will be simply offering a percentage of winnings your club brings in. Normal contracts can range from 1%-8% on average depending on how good the players are. In the case of the Dust Cup, the top clubs will earn a specified amount of Dust. The dust will be distributed to the club’s players via the negotiated contracts. Anything left over, goes to the club owner.

So let’s say you gave away 45% in contracts to sign a full team. If your team wins any dust in the tournament, you would keep 55% of it and pay the players the rest. Don’t worry, no math needed as this is done automatically for you by the MFL platform. That’s good too because Ron hates math.

Most of you probably already own some flovatars. For those of you from the MFL community, you will need to pick one up in order to register for the Dust Cup. So what’s Flovatar? Well, let good ol’ Ron sum up some of the highlights.

Flovatars are fully customizable NFTs that you mint with your own creativity. In order to create a flovatar, you need a spark to bring it to life. This spark will allow you to go to the awesome builder to start creating your own character. You get to pick the body, hair, eyes, clothes, mouth, and much more. A plain spark allows you to use any common traits. For the more rare ones, you will need to purchase boosters of the matching rarity to unlock them. You can make it as common, rare, epic, or legendary as you and your wallet allows. Oh, and as an extra fun incentive, there are hidden traits. When certain traits are combo’d together, they reveal a secret hidden trait.

If creating a new flovatar seems like a daunting task, you can also buy a flovatar on the marketplace that is looking for a new home. Once you mint or purchase a flovatar, you are set for the tournament. But that is not all that a flovatar brings. Your flovatar will earn a daily amount of Dust. Dust is the token currency of the Flovatar world. Fun fact for you newbies. If you purchase a spark and mint a new flovatar, it will deposit the amount of Dust it has accrued since the token dropped last year into your account. Consider it a minting bonus!

Once you have some Dust, you have the ability to do a slew of different things. Name your flovatar. Write a bio and give them a location. Unlock 3D assets that allow you to print one at home on a 3D printer. Burn some flobits you have doubles of or just don’t want for an upgraded one. Unlock FlovaChat. This feature uses ChatGPT to allow you to program your flovatar to talk to others and become experts at whatever you wish. No fancy coding or skills required. Simply type what you want them to talk about in their settings. Dust can also be traded and farmed on Increment Fi!

Last year, Flovatar also launched its’ story world podcast called A Dust Odyssey. This epic saga tells the story of life on Flova and follows a brave crew on a critical mission. Currently, 18 episodes of the story have been aired with just 2 more to go. You can check out this entertaining, funny, and witty story on the Flovatar site, YouTube, Spotify, or most other streaming sources.

Phew. This is a mouthful. I could keep going about Flovatar but this is a solid start for you newbies. If you want to learn more, make sure to check out for an amazing database of information and games. Shameless plug time. Check out the FUD News archives for all of my excellent reporting over the last 95 weeks too. Make sure to join the team for the AMA with the guys at MFL this coming Monday, February 26th @ 4:30PM EST / 10:30PM CET. They will be doing some demos of their projects and answering questions you may have. This is the most I’ve worked in a week and I’ve worked myself into a good lather. I must go pour a delicious glass of god’s elixir (bourbon for you newbies) and start my weekend. Cheers.

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